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Golf Fitness Equipment and the Senior Golfer

Benefits of Exercise Golf

6142-large_Golf.jpgAs the baby-boomers are aging, more and more of them are turning to golf to help maintain their fitness levels. Seniors can use very simple golf fitness equipment to improve their golf fitness but also their over-all fitness.
As we age into our senior years, we all struggle with keeping our flexibility and our strength levels. It creeps up on us and then all of a sudden, seniors will notice that they are not hitting their drives quite as far as they used to drive it. These seniors simply cannot turn as far on their backswing which equates to not being able to generate the same power as they produced in the past.
Simple and inexpensive golf fitness equipment for seniors is easy to find and below are a few pieces that seniors can use to build their strength and flexibility. Of course before starting any fitness program, you will want to check with your doctor and get his or her recommendation.
Fitness Equipment: Swiss Ball
A Swiss ball is also known as an exercise ball or a core balance ball. No matter what you call it, it is a great piece to add to your home gym just due to its pure flexibility. Not only can you perform many stretching exercises on the ball but you can also do many of your strength exercises as well. Doing strength exercises on an exercise ball will make you use your core muscles to keep you stable during the exercise. In turn, you get a larger benefit from each exercise.
Fitness Equipment: Weighted Golf Club
Weighted golf clubs are available in different weights depending on your current health. Although it does not sound like much weight, swinging a practice club that weighs 1.75 pounds can easily change your mind. As you swing the weighted practice club very slowly, you can build strength in many areas of your body. In addition, while making a full swing the extra weight will help you increase your range of motion and increase your flexibility.
Fitness Equipment: Resistance Cords
Resistance cords are inexpensive to purchase and very easy to use. Like an exercise ball, resistance cords can be used to work out basically every muscle group in your body. Many people like them because of their size and do not take up any room in the house. Due to their size, many like to use resistance cords because they are simple to pack if you travel often. This way they always have their gym with them no matter where they are.
No matter what your age, you can always improve or at least maintain your current fitness level. By using the golf fitness equipment above at home or in the gym, you can improve your current flexibility as well as your strength levels. The best part about using this equipment in your home gym is that these pieces of equipment will not break the bank as they are all affordable. Once you implement this golf fitness equipment we will see you farther down the fairway!

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