Before Moving a Parent into Your Home

Before Moving a Parent into Your Home

6 Factors to Consider First

The decision to move your older parents into your home is a big one to make. Your home is your refuge from it all. Caregiving is hard, and having it so close to you can make it harder. Does that mean you shouldn’t move your parents into your home? No, not necessarily. Many people decide to have their parents stay with them and it ends up being the best decision they could have made. Just take time to consider the following before you start packing up and moving your parents into your home. Before Moving a Parent into Your Home

Do you two get along well enough? Before Moving a Parent into Your Home

Everyone argues, but you have to decide if you get along well enough to keep the peace in your home. It might be good to try it out for a trial run by going away on vacation together or having your parents stay with you for a week or so before you make the final decision.

Is your home safe for someone with disabilities?

If your parents have any disabilities, is your home safe? You may need some handles in the shower, a ramp to get into your home, or enough room for them to move about your house. You may need to consider the stairs in your home and the location of their bedroom.

What type of care do your parents need?

If your parents need around the clock supervision, another setting may be better. Care in your home may just include having meals prepared, help with getting dressed, and getting to places. Those who need attention medically and physically often need nurse supervision.

What are your expectations?

If you have conditions or expectations of them living in your house, you may want to reconsider. Problems often arise when people expect something and then don’t get it when the time comes. It’s best to go in it just wanting to help your parents with nothing in return. If you can do that, having your parents move in with you might be good for you.

Will you be taking care of all expenses?

Taking care of someone is hard work and you have to spend money on it. If your parents will compensate you, it will probably feel better and prevent resentment. However, if they are not willing or do not have the money, be aware that you may start to feel taken advantage of as you get into the thick of caregiving. Before Moving a Parent into Your Home

How do other family members feel about it?

Hold a family meeting to determine how everyone else feels about it. Everyone in the home will be affected by it, so it’s good to consider their thoughts and feelings.
You may want to check with siblings and other family members who want to lend a hand in caregiving. You may need to discuss a plan on how to best care for your parents if they stay in your home.
Making the decision to move your parents into your home is one that takes time and serious thought. If you need help with making the decision, consider personal consulting services by Kendall Van Blarcom. He can help you figure things out and come to a conclusion that will make you and the people around you happy.

Before Moving a Parent into Your Home

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