Consider Elder Care Franchise Ownership

Consider Elder Care Franchise Ownership

The Joys of Professional Caregivers & Senior Care Franchise Owners

One of the greatest pleasures in life is knowing that your work is making a positive impact. In few industries is this felt as much as when you work as a professional caregiver or run a senior care franchise. By helping the elderly find comfort and contentment at home, caregivers bring more happiness minute-by-minute into other people’s lives than almost any other kind of professional.
At Visiting Angels, our work in the home care industry has taught us that as well as anyone. As the #1 rated senior care franchise in Franchise Business Review’s 2015 Satisfaction survey, we’ve helped countless entrepreneurs, senior care experts, and professional caregivers discover the satisfaction that comes through delivering high-quality senior care.
Here are some of the joys that our team and our caregivers have found in over 18 years of professional caregiving…

Little Gestures, Lasting Happiness

CaregiverWhen it comes to senior home care, sometimes even the littlest gestures bring out the biggest smiles. Every one of our senior care franchise owners has some story of a tiny moment that delivered lasting memories. As people age, they grow to cherish the little things more and more. A cup of tea at the right moment. A steadying hand walking up the front steps. Someone to share a fond memory with. By being there with a helping hand and a sympathetic ear, you’ll discover how the small things lead to lasting happiness.

A Link to the Past

When you work with the elderly, you’re given a first-hand window into history that no other line of work can afford. Many of our senior care franchise owners pass along the stories their own clients have shared with them. From major moments in American history to small-town family memories, caregivers often see a side of the past that they never would have otherwise.

Aging Made Graceful

It’s no secret that aging can be difficult. As we grow older, our bodies and minds sometimes fail us, leaving us feeling vulnerable, weak, or embarrassed. As a professional caregiver or senior care franchise owner, you’re able to relieve these feelings of helplessness. Often all it takes is a supportive reminder or a little bit of help with a common household task. You might not notice it at first, but the relief that comes in these moments can be immense for the care recipient.

Extraordinary Relationships

Unlike any number of other industries, caregiving leads to close relationships. When you become part of a senior’s life, you can’t help but form a bond. For many of our clients, senior care franchise owners, and caregivers, these relationships are a two-way street. Our elders are often sources of great warmth and great wisdom, and many caregivers find that they receive just as much from their care recipients as their care recipients receive from them.

A Far-Reaching Impact

From the outside, a caregiver’s work might seem like it has a limited impact. But any caregiver or senior care franchise owner can tell you that senior care helps more than just individual seniors. In many cases, our work is a lifeline for busy, overburdened families. For children and other family members of elderly persons, the difference made by high-quality senior care is tremendous. At Visiting Angels, we’ve received open appreciation from so many of our clients’ families – thanks that we truly cherish.
To discover more about the joys of professional caregiving, listen to Visiting Angels franchise owners talk about the joys of being a senior care franchise owner/operator.
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