Build A Home With Great House Design Plans

Build A Home With Great House Design Plans

Building a custom home is one of the most rewarding homeowner experiences.  One of the fastest sectors choosing to build a home is people who intend to age in their home.  This is often called “Aging in Place.”  There are many custom features you can add to make it easier to age in your home.  Building the right home for you starts with a great design and good planning.
After obtaining house plans, property to build on and hiring contractors, the work toward a dream home is well underway. The decision to build a home from the ground up involves a lot of important decision making. This will establish factors for the future house in every detail from deciding between house plans, to select the right layout, to the materials used for the kitchen cabinets. Build A Home With Great House Design Plans

Benefits of a Custom Home Include:

  • 100% customization for every detail. Even house plans can be modified to suit tastes and preferences. The ability to have the final say in all of the work that will go into the building of a home creates a house that will be perfectly suited to the homeowner’s exact specifications, and allows for a more comfortable and rewarding final result.
  • Purchasing the lot will assist with the advantages to custom building. It’s one of the most important details of the home building process. The property can dictate everything from the materials used, to the direction the house will face. Plenty of time should be spent on the property, to get a feel for the land, and to think of an ideal house plan to match the landscape and neighborhood.
  • Avoiding builder’s grade appliances. Building a custom home involves picking out appliances. When a pre-built home is purchased, generally the kitchen appliances are builder’s grade. This means that they are not as high quality, and are plainer in design than is typically preferred. By installing high quality appliances of choice, the lifespan will be longer, and having the choice will guarantee a better match with the decor.  Build A Home With Great House Design Plans

Before buying a plan check to be sure that it conforms to standards including the International Residential Code [IRC] and the Uniform Building Code [UBC]. The house plan can be modified to conform to the standards of states or countries but it is still well advised to read, research and consult with your architect regarding this matter. After deciding on the house plan that is perfect for the property, and suits needs and lifestyle, the next step is to continue the process of building the home. Some of these steps include: Build A Home With Great House Design Plans

  1. A Materials List
    This list will tell the contractor all of the materials that have been decided upon to build the house including fixtures, molding and paint.
  2. A Building Material List
    The items on this list will detail the construction materials required such as the lumber, concrete and nails.

Building a custom home is full of decisions but they are well worth it for a home that will be loved and enjoyed by its occupants today, and by their future generations tomorrow.
Great House Design provides house plans to their customers who are building new homes. The searchable plan database makes finding the perfect home easy, and to desired specifications. For more information on Great House Design and their plans visit, Greathousedesign.

Build A Home With Great House Design Plans

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