Audi R8 shares hybrid tech with Lamborghini Asterion

skd170333sdcAudi R8 shares hybrid tech with Lamborghini Asterion
It’s a well-known fact that the second-generation Audi R8 isn’t far away. It will feature an all-electric model but when it arrives, it could serve to seriously shake up the supercar market according to Audi research and development boss Ulrich Hackenberg. Audi R8 shares hybrid tech with Lamborghini Asterion
In one of his interviews in UK, Hackenberg confirmed quite clearly that a plug-in-hybrid model and a pure electric were coming. And as with the current R8, the next-gen model will borrow from Audi’s Italian cousins at Lamborghini.
Audi has intentions to conclusively increase the number of powertrain options for its flagship performance car, with the usual naturally aspirated V-8 and V-10 engines set to be joined by a battery-powered electric powertrain, a downsized turbo engine and maybe even a high-performance diesel. Now a plug-in hybrid option is added to that list.
“We are able to make the R8 a plug-in hybrid,” Hackenberg told CAR. “The Lamborghini Asterion shows this is possible – that car uses the platform of the R8. We will see an increase in the efficiency of high-performance cars – they have to meet CO2 regulations of the future in order to survive.”
Hackenberg clarified that the second-generation R8’s platform, which also underpins the Huracán supercar, was the basis for Lamborghini’s Asterion concept unveiled at 2014. While the Asterion isn’t destined for production, its impressive plug-in hybrid powertrain will likely end up in some future cars from the Volkswagen Group. The powertrain paired an internal combustion engine with three electric motors; a motor powering each of the front wheels and an additional motor sandwiched between the engine and transmission helping to drive the wheels.
“The R8 successor will come next year and we have developed a platform that you can see in the Lamborghini Huracán today. We will have different powertrains available, though. And in the R8 E-tron we will have about 250 miles range.”
The naturally aspirated V-8 and V-10 models are expected to be offered at launch, with the all-electric e-tron to arrive shortly after. Additional variants will likely be introduced later in the car’s life cycle.

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