Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again

Dealing with Loneliness

It’s not easy getting older. Not only do you have to deal with the aches and pains of this stage of life, but the reality of death is harsh. You may have lost loved ones that were a big part of your life. Losing them may have brought you to your knees in desperation of wanting them to come back. While you may have been able to get back on your feet again, things are not the same. You may have lost the joy in your life. Aging: vFinding Joy in Your Life Again Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again

The Importance of Joy Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again

You can live without joy, but life isn’t what it should be. Joy is something that makes you love life. It makes you want to wake up each morning to see what lies ahead of you. It gives you that appreciation of life that many people take advantage of.
Without joy, you can feel sad, depressed, and empty. You may feel as though you are just going through the motions of each day. There’s no meaning. There’s no motivation to experience life. Finding Joy in Your Life Again
At this point, you may not even want to live life. You may just want to be depressed. There’s an element of comfort in feeling that way because it may seem like it takes too much effort to live life the way it should be lived. However, getting yourself out of this pit of despair can make it much easier for you to get through each day AND give yourself a life worth living again.
All it takes is putting joy back into your life. You can do that by starting the following:

  • Forcing yourself to step outside – doing this will help you because the sun provides vitamin D, which can regulate your mood. When you are in a good mood, you will feel more motivated and open to feeling joy.
  • Engaging with friends – it’s important to connect with friends because they remind you that while you’ve lost loved ones, you still have others around you. Pushing other loved ones away may feel easier to deal with than having them pass away, but the ones in your life now are the ones who help you cope with the others who have had to move on. It’s what they are meant for in everyone’s life. Reach out to them, embrace them, and enjoy having them in your life while you still can. Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again
  • Participating in activities – the body and mind are meant to be active. Allowing your body and mind to do that will help it experience joy again. You may need to start with something small and then increase what you do to allow yourself to become interested again.
  • Taking care of yourself – taking care of your basic needs and then doing things that make yourself look and feel good are all important. Getting into a self-care routine is a good idea. This may mean getting up, showering/bathing, fixing your hair/shaving, and putting on something you feel pretty/handsome in will make a difference. It will make you feel alive. Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again

Doing these things can feel close to impossible, but they are not. Do a little each day and increase it as you feel that you can. Many of my clients enjoy telling me about what they are thinking and feeling because it helps them cope and be able to do the things mentioned in this blog post. With regular sessions, clients are able to come up with ways to bring the joy back into their life. They are happy to report them and thankful they have a personal confidant that can guide them through some of the tough parts of this stage of life. Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again  Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again
The senior years are hard, but you’ve been through difficult times in your life. You’ve overcome those challenges, and you can do the same now. Contact me for help. We all need help from time to time, and it would be a pleasure to be able to be your rock. Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again

Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again

Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again 

Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again Aging: Finding Joy in Your Life Again

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