6 Ways To Connect When Loved One has Dementia

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In spending time with loved ones with dementia, you may find yourself wanting to explore new ways to document or make the most of your time spent together.  Cherishing special moments are essential to managing and balancing some of the inevitable disorientation your loved one may be living with.   We encourage our friends, family, staff and residents at Silverado with these ways to make individual moments matter.  6 Ways To Connect When Loved One has Dementia

1. Have a lunch date

Sometimes the best way to spend time with our loved one is for a meal to catch up. Dinner plans may feel like an end-of-day routine obligation after a long day, and lunchtime usually guarantees good weather, and the rendezvous can be a midday pick-me-up.   6 Ways To Connect When Loved One has Dementia

2.  Listen to music

Music is not only therapeutic but also takes us on an emotional journey.  A song can bring back nostalgia, or start an impromptu dance party — both excellent ways to release inhibitions.

3.  Start a memory jar

Simply start writing favorite memories or notes on special stationery and start collecting them in a special box or jar.   It’s good practice to write a new one every day, and read an old memory every day, bringing you a new sense of appreciating fleeting moments and new ones.  6 Ways To Connect When Loved One has Dementia

4.  Document using Instagram

With social media in most of our hands today, it’s only appropriate to create an online picture diary on Instagram.  It’s the best way to share our greatest news, favorite #TBT’s or day-to-day activities with the online community of friends and family around the world. Use hashtag #SilveradoStory to share with our Silverado family.

5.  Have a creative outlet

Creative self-expression such as painting or writing is beneficial for improving motor skills and cognitive thinking.  They can also potentially turn into a new hobby or passion. Encourage your loved one to be involved with hands-on activities, like journaling to unleash an inner storyteller, or learning a new instrument to interact with other fellow beginners.

6.  Send a postcard

Getting snail mail is a rare yet still treasured feeling. You can send postcards to loved ones, or even send postcards to yourselves from each city you visit for an instant scrapbook or memento from your trip.
6 Ways To Connect When Loved One has Dementia 6 Ways To Connect When Loved One has Dementia 6 Ways To Connect When Loved One has Dementia

6 Ways To Connect When Loved One has Dementia 

6 Ways To Connect When Loved One has Dementia

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