10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial


10,000. The magic number of steps you should try to take every day for your overall mobility, health and wellness. 10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial
If hitting 10,000 isn’t a daily goal for you, it’s very easy to fall short. As we get older, it gets easier and easier to get comfortable and walk less. As a culture, Americans are walking less and less, and it’s starting to take its toll.
The benefits of hitting 10,000 are tremendous. If you’re falling short due to a lack of stability or confidence, it may be time to pick up a cane.

10,000 Steps for a Richer Life

You may not know this, but the 10,000-step phenomenon started in Japan as part of a marketing campaign. The makers of pedometers – or step counters – in Japan started recommending 10,000 steps a day to improve mobility, reduce the incidence of cardiac disease and cut down on stress. The American Heart Association in the United States eventually caught on and started recommending 10,000 steps a day to help people live more active lifestyles. The Surgeon General seconded that recommendation and advised at least 30 minutes of cardio at least most days of the week.

Overcoming Mobility Issues

A lot of seniors have mobility issues that keep them from seamlessly getting to 10,000 steps daily. Does that mean we should just shrug it off and head back to bed? Unfortunately that’s how many people respond. It leads to a gradual decline that robs you of your mobility and independence. The key to keeping your independent lifestyle for as long as possible is to get the mobility aid or mobility aids that you need. Recent advances in mobility aids like improved canes have allowed seniors to be more active and independent.

Canes for More Support

If instability is holding you back from walking with confidence, a cane can provide increased support so you can conquer your 10,000 steps. Some rely on a cane for every step, and if you haven’t walked regularly in a while, you may want one at all times. However, you may find as you start walking more that you’ll need it less and less. Folding canes, like the HurryCane®, give you better stability on demand. Keeping one handy reduces your risk of falling and gives you more autonomy. The HurryCane’s® all-terrain design can go anywhere to give you even better peace of mind.

Benefits of Staying More Active

You may see an improvement in your flexibility, balance, mood and overall fitness by moving from the sedentary range of 5,000 or fewer steps a day to the active range of 10,000+ steps most days of the week. You actually start to feel better physically and emotionally by increasing your activity throughout the day. Getting those 10,000 steps can lead to a sunnier outlook and fewer of the symptoms we associate with depression (e.g., lethargy and lack of motivation). On top of that, getting more active can put you in step with your local social scene and keep you more connected to your friends, family and neighbors.
There are a number of ways to rack up 10,000 steps in a hurry:
* Have a few exercise routines throughout the week.
* Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
* Walk to work or the store.
* Hide the remote.
* Don’t wait for the closest parking spot. Park at the far side of the parking lot and bundle up if it’s cold.
Ten thousand steps is roughly five miles. You can stay motivated to get there by getting yourself a pedometer or fitness tracker to help you chart your progress. For fun you can even compete in weekly competitions with your friends on social media. While 10,000 steps is a very doable number that will get easier and easier, it’s recommended that you ease your way into it. Gradually add 1,000 steps every week.

Your Ticket to 10,000: The HurryCane®

If you don’t enjoy walking due to a lack of mobility, a cane can completely change your outlook. Instead of dreading an extended walk, you can embrace it as an opportunity to get closer to 10,000. Instead of feeling annoyed when you have to get up, remember that every step you take is bringing you a host of health benefits.
If you want to take back your mobility, we can help. The HurryCane® is the #1 selling cane in America because it provides better stability at any angle. It stands alone so you can walk with confidence. Pick one up today to get our best deal ever.

10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial

10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial 10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial 10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial 10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial 10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial 10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial 10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial 10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial 10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial 10,000 Reasons Why a Cane is Crucial

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